Friday, January 29, 2010

Heart of All


Part of my Perception series to accompany my poem Heart of All.

Others include:

I've used an abundance of textures and stock images this time to create the magical effects - some my own and some from fantastically generous people:

Stock images

The bindweed was painted by me in Corel Painter. :-)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Paintings - Sunflower and Spring (Cherryblossom)

Here they are finally - my paintings.


This was a Christmas present for Steve as he loves sunflowers. :-)

It's acrylic on canvas and was my first ever painting on canvas....

Here's another shot:

and here's a detail that is also available as a greeting card on Redbubble:

This is my second ever painting on canvas.

This is available on Redbubble as a print

or as a greeting card, created with a detail of the large painting
and a texture (Sirius_SDZ) and a photo filter.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Heart of Spirit - Altered Art

he fourth in my Perception series, which includes:

Heart of Spirit Altered Art

Heart of Stone Altered Art

Heart of Ice Altered Art

Heart of Fire Altered Art

The poems to accompany the images are here:
This was created with my own textures and photos plus stock images and textures by the following generous and talented people:

Friday, January 22, 2010

Heart of Fire

Part of my 'Perception' series.

This altered art is to accompany my poem  Heart of Fire

Others in the series are:

Heart of Stone

Heart of Ice

This time I wanted the heart to have the fluid, ethereal and violent nature of fire.

I've used my own textures and stock together with:

Got to Get Out's Scratch textures

Enframed's Concrete texture

Wu-KillahD's Smoke texture
Shin-Rhys' Fire textures

Neb8stock's Some Old Rock stock image

Khaos Dog's Blood Spatter textures

Buzillo's Grunge textures

and - as always -

Sirius-SDZ's fabulous textures

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Heart of Ice

Another in my 'Perception' series - see Heart of Stone and here.
and the poem to accompany this Altered Art, Heart of Ice
The image is a collage of my own images and textures, two digitally painted hearts and the following stock and textures.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Heart of Stone - Altered Art

Altered Art to accompany my poem Heart of Stone.

This one took forever to get right...

I used my own photos/textures together with the following,



The butterflies are Zebra Longwings and have been (digitally) hand painted in Corel Painter.

The heart is a shape from the Photoshop custom shapes combined with the 'some old rock' stock and blended in Painter, with texture added in Photoshop.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Image to accompany my poem Slide.

The title 'Slide' came to me and I didn't quite know why at first. It's such an odd title for a poem, but it wouldn't go away. I then realised that it was inspired by a character in the Terry Goodkind series of books 'Sword of Truth'.  The Slide is a kind of soul eater and it can devour the soul of someone and use it to his/her own advantage.

The photo collage didn't turn out at all like I had planned it. Not that I am unhappy with how it turned out. LOL It's one of those images that grew and changed under my stylus as I put it together.

I am still quite new to photo manipulation and sometimes find it hard to find the right tools to do what I want, on the other hand I love the discoveries I make on the way.

I have used the following stock:

Model, vintage image from M3ment0M0ri
Curtains, stock image from LunaNYXstock
Negative image (to make the film at the bottom) from ArtOfDecay-Stock

Fire, stock images from shin-rhys

The photos/images used in the 'film roll' at the bottom are all my own, so are several of the background/textures.

I have also used the following textures:

The image is featured on RB in their featured art category:
Featured in the Photo Manipulator's Group on Redbubble:
And Feature in the community post Inspiration: Fantasay Art on Redbubble:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bird in a Tree - Altered Art

Sorry, I honestly couldn't think of a better name....

It started off with a photo of a pigeon all fluffed up, sitting in some wintery trees I took a week ago. I was going to use it as a background, but when I started playing around with it I liked it too much to use it just as a background.

I've used several textures: Sirius_SDZ, Buzillo and Freaky665.

I've also used lighting effects, one of my patterns (as a texture on the frame), gradients, and filters.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Love is... Collage

Someone sent me a poem recently with a view of a collaboration, however, the person in question wasn't quite happy with the poem (yet), so I hope this might spark the poem to be published on RB after all...

The image is inspired by the poem but also by Duerer's Praying Hands I've always liked the serene feel of this sketch.

The poem is about enduring love and I wanted to do something that showed the gentleness of the poem and the deep feeling of it.

This image is part photo collage, part digital painting and uses the following components:

Stock photo of entwined hands by Pale Scarlet Stock.

My own photos of flowers (Magnolia, Hydrangea, and Queen Anne's Lace), my own textures and flourishes and dragonflies.

Textures by Sirius_SDZ, Buzillo and Freaky665.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Tortured heart

The third in the series.

Is your heart torn up, shredded and full of gashes? Do you keep vile poisons ready for anticipated slights? Are you sure everyone is out to get you? Then this heart is for you.

Tip: There is far more kindness and goodness around than your past experiences led you to believe.

Top vulture
Middle vulture and
Bottom vulture

Textures: Sky and pebble beach (at the front bottom) my own plus several on the heart itself.

Blood spatters by Khaosdog
Victorian Grunge textures by Freaky665
Various textures by Sirius_SDZ

Sutures/stitching - brushes by Redheadstock

Monday, January 04, 2010

What Heart Are You? - No 2: Patchwork Heart

The second in the series.

Is your heart made up of little patches - memories, stories, pains, and joys? Do you remember THAT Summer, THAT particular place in the woods, the time when...? Then this heart is for you.

Tip: The present is a pleasant place to be, don't miss it.

Check out my the first post to download a copy of the heart sketch to create your very own heart.

Patterns used in the making of this heart are all mine. The stitching was created using Redhead-Stock's Photoshop brushes.
I've used various of my own photographs for the background and textures plus some of Sirius-SDZ's textures (sorry, I just like them and they are sooo versatile).

Sunday, January 03, 2010


This image was created for a challenge in the Photo Manipulators group on Redbubble. The idea was to create a mythological magic creature.

So far I've rarely created images just from photos - sort of collaging them together. Most of my images are created by painting something in Painter and then adding textures - either my own or other peoples. There's only a few I can think of where I used mostly photo components and that's my Not the Stairway to Heaven   and maybe my Crow and Abandoned images... and of course my self portraits, although those have other elements as well.

I found this quite difficult and a challenge as I had to find a lion's body where the eagle's head would fit on top. I gave up on finding the perfect pair of wings and ended up painting them in Painter.

The lion's body is a stock image by Elleth-stock286

The eagle's head is a stock image by Katanaz-Stock

I've used my own photos/textures plus

Textures by Sirius-SDZ, Buzillo and AmorosaBlack.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Last Sale of 2009 and First Sale of 2010

My last sale of 2009 was a moblie phone charm for a friend:

 and my first sale of the year 2010 was a card of my Soulscapes series:

 :-) The old year ended well and the new one started well...

Contest Winner(s) - What heart are you?

Well, there were only two people brave enough (and with enough time on their hands before Christmas) to take part in the competition - Val and Earthmonster.

Check out the lovely entries:

Valzart and Earthmonster

Since there were only two I decided that both of you should have a prize, so contact me with your address and I'll send a prize to each of you.

Congratulations and a Happy New Year :-)

Friday, January 01, 2010

Flower Girl - First Post of the New Year

My little sister sent me a photo of herself in fancy dress last night. The photo was taken with her iPhone and not brilliant quality, however I liked the photo itself and thought with some playing around it could look great.

I took my lead from her flowery head scarf and turned it into a flower girl with a 20s feel to it (at least to me).
I’ve used my own pattern from my butterfly scrap(k)it (see my other blog), a photo of some leafy branches taken at Sawston Hall, Cambs, several textures by Sirus-SDZ and my drawings of a ruby tiger moth, a purple hairstreak butterfly and a ladybird from the Soulscapes series (see Soulscapes Calendar).

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