Sunday, January 03, 2010


This image was created for a challenge in the Photo Manipulators group on Redbubble. The idea was to create a mythological magic creature.

So far I've rarely created images just from photos - sort of collaging them together. Most of my images are created by painting something in Painter and then adding textures - either my own or other peoples. There's only a few I can think of where I used mostly photo components and that's my Not the Stairway to Heaven   and maybe my Crow and Abandoned images... and of course my self portraits, although those have other elements as well.

I found this quite difficult and a challenge as I had to find a lion's body where the eagle's head would fit on top. I gave up on finding the perfect pair of wings and ended up painting them in Painter.

The lion's body is a stock image by Elleth-stock286

The eagle's head is a stock image by Katanaz-Stock

I've used my own photos/textures plus

Textures by Sirius-SDZ, Buzillo and AmorosaBlack.


  1. Very atmospheric - not an easy challenge this one, I think you've done very well.


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