Friday, January 15, 2010


Image to accompany my poem Slide.

The title 'Slide' came to me and I didn't quite know why at first. It's such an odd title for a poem, but it wouldn't go away. I then realised that it was inspired by a character in the Terry Goodkind series of books 'Sword of Truth'.  The Slide is a kind of soul eater and it can devour the soul of someone and use it to his/her own advantage.

The photo collage didn't turn out at all like I had planned it. Not that I am unhappy with how it turned out. LOL It's one of those images that grew and changed under my stylus as I put it together.

I am still quite new to photo manipulation and sometimes find it hard to find the right tools to do what I want, on the other hand I love the discoveries I make on the way.

I have used the following stock:

Model, vintage image from M3ment0M0ri
Curtains, stock image from LunaNYXstock
Negative image (to make the film at the bottom) from ArtOfDecay-Stock

Fire, stock images from shin-rhys

The photos/images used in the 'film roll' at the bottom are all my own, so are several of the background/textures.

I have also used the following textures:

The image is featured on RB in their featured art category:
Featured in the Photo Manipulator's Group on Redbubble:
And Feature in the community post Inspiration: Fantasay Art on Redbubble:


  1. I love it when creativity takes its own direction. The picture is wonderful.

  2. Sometimes it's such a pleasing surprise when things go their own way rather than how you planned it - it's come out extremely well.

  3. It works really well - I don't know why, but the figure makes me think of a mermaid. Lesley x


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