Friday, January 01, 2010

Flower Girl - First Post of the New Year

My little sister sent me a photo of herself in fancy dress last night. The photo was taken with her iPhone and not brilliant quality, however I liked the photo itself and thought with some playing around it could look great.

I took my lead from her flowery head scarf and turned it into a flower girl with a 20s feel to it (at least to me).
I’ve used my own pattern from my butterfly scrap(k)it (see my other blog), a photo of some leafy branches taken at Sawston Hall, Cambs, several textures by Sirus-SDZ and my drawings of a ruby tiger moth, a purple hairstreak butterfly and a ladybird from the Soulscapes series (see Soulscapes Calendar).


  1. Really like this photo - and yes, it has a very 20s feel. Specially like the gauzy effect and leaf forms, butterflies etc. Happy New Year!

  2. It's pretty idea. The flowers make the person more beautiful.

  3. Very Roaring Twenties - love it!


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