Sunday, January 10, 2010

Love is... Collage

Someone sent me a poem recently with a view of a collaboration, however, the person in question wasn't quite happy with the poem (yet), so I hope this might spark the poem to be published on RB after all...

The image is inspired by the poem but also by Duerer's Praying Hands I've always liked the serene feel of this sketch.

The poem is about enduring love and I wanted to do something that showed the gentleness of the poem and the deep feeling of it.

This image is part photo collage, part digital painting and uses the following components:

Stock photo of entwined hands by Pale Scarlet Stock.

My own photos of flowers (Magnolia, Hydrangea, and Queen Anne's Lace), my own textures and flourishes and dragonflies.

Textures by Sirius_SDZ, Buzillo and Freaky665.

1 comment:

  1. Lovely piece Sybille, very serene and I love the colours. Duerer's hands is one of my all time favourites too (as well as the hare!)


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