Monday, January 29, 2007

More Bombshelll Bracelets

Below are four new braclets, again, made with vintage beads and charms (mostly) and new findings.

The first one uses beautiful little charms with peach and green coloured roses with lots of detail on a creamy pearl coloured cabochon with a filigree setting. I've continued the gold, green and peach theme with the vintage beads and added little butterflies and a heart charm to finish it off.

The next bracelet uses little art deco charms, red and blue lucite hearts and golden, shimmering beads, with another little heart charm to add a finishing touch.

This one I love especially. I have a thing about opals, fire opals in particular. The charms are beautifully filigree with two different designs and a gorgeous fire opal set in the centre. I've added damson and beautiful golden yellow lucite hearts and lovely copper butterfly charms and a Victorian heart charm. Unlike the others, this one has copper findings.

This is the first silver bombshell bracelet. I've used the gorgeous butterfly connectors again, together with some pale pink and lavender roses (these are modern) and vintage beads in silver and purple and cute little leaf charms (also vintage) . A little heart clasp finishes the design off.


As requested by Penny, here are a few examples of the scarves I knitted since the end of November. A lot of the scarves I made were Christmas presents and I didn't take any pictures of them before I handed them over, however, below are a few I have either kept or haven't sent off yet.

The following four scarves are mine. They are all made from eyelash yarn which I bought on eBay. I am quite happy to let you know where I bought them, just e-mail me.

The first one is black eyelash with turquoise and pale blue boucle mixed in. (The wool already had the two types of wool mixed up):

The second one I made for myself is in different shades of green. It has a lovely glistening effect and looks like moss with a few sprinkles of early morning dew:

The third one is my "going-out" scarf. Again, it's eyelash, but this time white and with golden bits mixed in:

The fourth scarf is purple with a crochet border at the bottom:

I've also made one for my mum in burgundy eyelash with a matching brooch:

One for my aunt in different shades of salmon, pink, red, purple and very pale pink:

And one in progress for a friend, the first two-tone scarf. The end is purple, then I mixed the next bit with the rainbow eyelash yarn and then continued with the rainbow eyelash on it's own. I am quite pleased with the effect. :-)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

More Presents and Commissions

It's my aunts birthday soon, so I made her a necklace to go with the 'Handbags and Gladrags' set I gave her for Christmas (there is a picture of the set here).

It's a lovely charm necklace with little heart, star and a handbag charm. I've used gorgeous red beads, some new, some the same ones I've used in the original set. The centre piece is a lovely Indian bead with a filigree heart charm hanging from it.

The earrings below are a present for a good customer. She just bought the absolutely gorgeous vintage bracelet with the petals and chalcedony (see here) so I made her some earrings to go with it. The pale blue stone at the top is aquamarine. One of me all-time favourites.

The earrings below are for the same customer who commissioned these earrings. She wanted earrings similar to the ones in the dew drop set (found on this page). Since I never do the same design ever again, I used the same Golden Palace crystal beads but added little hearts instead of the little connectors.

More Bombshell Bracelets

Here are a few more of my bombshell bracelets.

The first one is pink and wonderful and if you really like it, you're out of luck, since it has just been sold! Sorry!

I've used beautiful filigree butterfly charms, raspberry sparkle beads, damson lucite hearts and flowers with fuchsia Swarovski beads set in the centre and gorgeous little roses. All the beads and the charms, except the Swarovski beads are vintage, the findings are new.

The second one is red and yummy:

For this one I've used all vintage beads, from cherry red lucite hearts to beautiful concave heart charms, from little pretty red splashy flowers to gorgeous faceted Givre, barrel, golden bicone and Marea beads, and finally a lovely filigree heart charm with a coral rose set into the centre. A few bronze hearts and findings finish off the bracelet.

The third one is blue and gorgeous:

Again, like for the other two, this one has been made with modern findings and vintage beads and charms: the centre piece is a charm with a William Morris inspired cabochon set in the centre, beautiful faceted beads in teal, turquoise, AB dark blue and black, with wonderfully detailed petal charms and a heart charm to finish it off.

The fourth is yellow and white and pretty as a picture:

This one (made today) uses beautiful, white shimmery balls (the same as in the pink bracelet just in white), yellow daisy flowers that have a mother of pearl bead (not vintage) set in the centre. The lovely filigree daisy charms and the heart charm add the final touch.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Green Hearts Vintage Bracelet

I made another little bracelet yesterday and, like the others it's inspired by 40s jewellery. All the bracelets are a bit flamboyant and very special, and they make a lovely jingly-jangly sound when worn.

For this one I've used two different lucite charm hearts (jade green and leaf green), real jade rice beads, pale green and gold faceted beads. Every single bead is Vintage with a lovely feel to it. All the beads and charms have been strung on bronze chain with bronze findings with a lot of (modern) little bronze hearts to add detail.

The different greens with the golden tones of the bronze give the bracelet a natural feel, the facets of the gold and pale green faceted beads and the little heart adds sparkle.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Vintage Bracelets

At my most recent jewellery parties quite a few people asked for "gold" jewellery. I can't wear gold, just doesn't work for me, so I haven't made a lot with gold/bronze findings, but it was time to change this. I managed to find the most gorgeous Vintage findings and put them to good use.

For the first one I used gorgeous butterflies, a pendant with a pale blue carved flower, petal charms with chalcedony and catseye beads and a little heart pendant next to the clasp. Everything is strung on Antique bronze findings, which makes the bracelet look luscious but not brassy. I am in love with this one... BUT I just sold it. Sniff.

The second one uses little round pendants with a blue round cabochon in the centre and lovely filigree detail on the outside, gorgeous detailed butterflies, and blue and bronze faceted Vintage beads.

The final bracelet continues the butterfly theme, but this time the butterflies are Vintage glass beads in a frosted crystal with the details picked out in gold. I've also used similar pendants as in the blue bracelet above but with an amethyst coloured glass cabochon, modern daisy charms and a lovely Vintage heart charm next to the clasp.

Edwardian Red Heart Necklace

This necklace is a commission - an addition to some red earrings I made just before Christmas and which I forgot to take a picture of.

I've used beautiful red faceted beads with red and gold Cathedral beads and a selection of hearts on bronze chain and findings. The necklace is quite short with the hearts hanging from a chain with smaller links, adding texture. To add a bit of sparkle I've used deep ruby red Swarovski beads.

Midnight Flower

This necklace was inspired by the beautiful Victorian black trumpet flowers, which I managed to find recently. I liked the idea of having them with more black flowers and some moonstones. A quite Gothic start which I brightened up with some beautiful deep blue faceted Vintage beads and some Vintage butterfly charms. It's all strung on a black plated chain with black plated findings.

I am very pleased with the result and the necklace has a lovely old fashioned feel with a modern twist.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy Hippy Flapper

Bought some absolutely delightful Kashmiri beads the other week and just had to make something with them. My mum asked me for a flapper necklace because they're absolutely everywhere at the moment, although this particular one is not quite right for my mum... I had a look on the net for genuine flapper necklaces and a lot of them seem to be in a 'Y' shape with a tassel making them bottom bit of the 'Y'. I decided that I could do something with that and started putting beads and findings together.

As you can see below I used the Kashmiri beads in different combinations of red and teal blue. I then added glass and lucite flowers (some of them are vintage beads, like the big and 'splatty' red ones and the pale blue one shown below), vintage star, heart and butterfly connectors and lots of beads in shades of blue all strung on silverplated chain.

The result is fun and unique and much, much lovelier than anything that is on offer in the shops. You can tell I am very pleased with it. :-)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Choker Necklaces

A couple of necklaces I made for the Christmas party but didn't have time to upload. The first one uses an Art Nouveau style pendant of a moon with a lovely drop crystal on a thin black leather and silky silver cord with a few silver beads to frame the pendant. This one has just been SOLD. Sorry.

The second necklace is made with a wonderful large mother of pearl necklace on a velvety soft suede cord.
This one I made for myself. Rachel one of my favourite suppliers sold me some lovely teeny black roses and I just had to make myself a necklace with them. It's a fairly short necklace and I've strung it on a black plated chain. There's a myriad of black glass beads amongst them lots of hearts. I wear it almost daily because it works with everything. :-)

Marrakech Bangle

I've been very busy with this one, but I absolutely adore it. I started with a simple bangle frame and then added silver plated wire in curls and swirls. I held the wire in place with some clamps and then used really thin wire and beads to hold it in place. I've used real turquoise and aquamarine, aventurine, malachite, green candy jade and gorgeous deep teal coloured seedbeads. The result is stunning and very organic.

Earrings - New sets for 2007

For my final jewellery party before Christmas I made some more earrings. Below are some beautiful hematite, garnet, and red jade earrings. These were sold at the party.

These very Gothic earrings were made with an abundance of black and charcoal grey glass beads and little wooden carved skulls and beads. I've added some black Magatama drops for texture.

The golden earrings below I made for myself with lovely shimmery topaz chips, and lots of Swarovski beads in different shades of gold/grey/topaz. I've added more gold with golden seedbeads and the lovely shimmery glass drops.

The next set of earrings feature very soft golden, cream and pink shades: I've used topaz as above plus mother of pearl, shell, carved bone beads and beautiful shimmery pink hearts:

This set was made specially for the party for a lady that missed the similar set of earrings I sold at my stall. I've used purple and pink shell beads with a mix of peacock blue beads and tiny Magatama drops and a few silver plated charms:

These earrings feature turquoise and blue shells beads with blue candy jade, wooden and glass beads. I've also used silverplated wire beads and shell charms:

Mixed turquoise and vintage green seed beads on copper findings. These are amongst the most beautiful earrings I've made. I love the different shades and shapes of the turquoise I have used together with the beautiful vintage green glass beads. The copper is a lovely contract to the turquoise and green.

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