Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy Hippy Flapper

Bought some absolutely delightful Kashmiri beads the other week and just had to make something with them. My mum asked me for a flapper necklace because they're absolutely everywhere at the moment, although this particular one is not quite right for my mum... I had a look on the net for genuine flapper necklaces and a lot of them seem to be in a 'Y' shape with a tassel making them bottom bit of the 'Y'. I decided that I could do something with that and started putting beads and findings together.

As you can see below I used the Kashmiri beads in different combinations of red and teal blue. I then added glass and lucite flowers (some of them are vintage beads, like the big and 'splatty' red ones and the pale blue one shown below), vintage star, heart and butterfly connectors and lots of beads in shades of blue all strung on silverplated chain.

The result is fun and unique and much, much lovelier than anything that is on offer in the shops. You can tell I am very pleased with it. :-)

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