Monday, January 29, 2007


As requested by Penny, here are a few examples of the scarves I knitted since the end of November. A lot of the scarves I made were Christmas presents and I didn't take any pictures of them before I handed them over, however, below are a few I have either kept or haven't sent off yet.

The following four scarves are mine. They are all made from eyelash yarn which I bought on eBay. I am quite happy to let you know where I bought them, just e-mail me.

The first one is black eyelash with turquoise and pale blue boucle mixed in. (The wool already had the two types of wool mixed up):

The second one I made for myself is in different shades of green. It has a lovely glistening effect and looks like moss with a few sprinkles of early morning dew:

The third one is my "going-out" scarf. Again, it's eyelash, but this time white and with golden bits mixed in:

The fourth scarf is purple with a crochet border at the bottom:

I've also made one for my mum in burgundy eyelash with a matching brooch:

One for my aunt in different shades of salmon, pink, red, purple and very pale pink:

And one in progress for a friend, the first two-tone scarf. The end is purple, then I mixed the next bit with the rainbow eyelash yarn and then continued with the rainbow eyelash on it's own. I am quite pleased with the effect. :-)

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  1. Thanks for showing us Sybille! The rainbow scarf is unusual, would be good to carry on that style in various colours, I would love one in blacks and greys, with browns too maybe. I know you said they are not for sale, but if you ever do decide to.......... let me know!
    My favourite scarf here is the green one, I love it!
    Just gone off in a tangent here, but have you ever thought of knitting jewellery?


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