Wednesday, January 24, 2007

More Presents and Commissions

It's my aunts birthday soon, so I made her a necklace to go with the 'Handbags and Gladrags' set I gave her for Christmas (there is a picture of the set here).

It's a lovely charm necklace with little heart, star and a handbag charm. I've used gorgeous red beads, some new, some the same ones I've used in the original set. The centre piece is a lovely Indian bead with a filigree heart charm hanging from it.

The earrings below are a present for a good customer. She just bought the absolutely gorgeous vintage bracelet with the petals and chalcedony (see here) so I made her some earrings to go with it. The pale blue stone at the top is aquamarine. One of me all-time favourites.

The earrings below are for the same customer who commissioned these earrings. She wanted earrings similar to the ones in the dew drop set (found on this page). Since I never do the same design ever again, I used the same Golden Palace crystal beads but added little hearts instead of the little connectors.


  1. Lucky people to receive such pretty presents!

  2. Hi sybille,
    I like the leaf charms on the 1st pair of earrings, they go lovely with the blue!


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