Friday, November 28, 2008

Making Waves

Blame the weather for this late post. Whenever there was a bit of sunshine, I had to do something else, or, by the time I had everything to hand the sun had gone again! Arrrgh!!! In the end I gave up and took the photos inside.

However, this way I managed to finish three projects to post here rather than just one...

Wave Scarf

This is a totally delicious scarf made with three types of different wool - knitted and crocheted.

I started of with the most delightful Louisa Harding Harding hand painted turquoise merino and silk yarn, which I crocheted into waves on two sides.

I then added beautiful Rowan Kidsilk in a teal green, which was knitted in a wavy pattern. More Rowan Kidsilk in a soft silver grey added splashes in crochet. Finally, I added a bit of glitz and glam with a turquoise and black lurex yarn (crocheted again).

The scarf is long enough to go round the neck twice or can be worn long. It's soft, it's light, it's warm, it's totally gorgeous and works for every day as well as for an evening out.

Teal Flapper Hat

I am so proud of this as I designed the pattern all by myself. Okay, it was meant to be a beret, BUT it worked out just the way it is and it's keeping me warm when I am cycling or walking.

It's made from the softest 100% merino wool which is shimmery and soft and very warm. The hat has been knitted in a pattern that resembles leaves with a lacy panel between each leaf.

(This is a picture taken without the flash to show the colour better.)

The rose and two leaves have also been knitted and adorned with a gorgeous ebony wooden bead.

Crochet Lace Beret

I just find crochet sooooo much easier and more versatile. Here's my latest exploration of all the possibilities:

I've used a gorgeous Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed made from wool and angora in pale blue that has lovely little inclusions adding extra texture and colour to the hat.

It's easy to wear, won't crush your hair and looks fab with pale winter skin whilst keeping your head warm.

A detail picture of the pattern:

A detail picture of the border:

The scarf and beret will be in my Etsy shop soon. If you'd like a flapper hat, send me an e-mail and I see if I can fit it in before Christmas.


What else am I working on? There's still my raspberry sorbet shrug to finish... and there are two pairs of wrist warmers to make (why did I show them to my friends? Now they all want some for Christmas!), and there are scarves and hats and other things for Christmas.... I am also trying to sort out my displays for a jewellery party in December. Fingers crossed I'll get it done this weekend. I am also at the sketch stage of two more of my weird and wonderful dresses.... So watch this spot!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Quick Update - Orchids and Current Projects

Another busy week is gone.

I managed to paint a picture. I like orchids because they come in such diverse shapes and textures.

Here's the latest one:


I've also almost finished a wave scarf, which I will hopefully be able to post tomorrow or the day after - depending on the weather.

The raspberry sorbet shrug in seacell/merino and kidsilk is still an ongoing project. The rows are terribly long so I am taking my time over it. The yarn is sooooo gorgeous to knit with and I don't want to screw it up by making it in haste.

Two of my friends have decided they want some wrist warmers for Christmas and my sister wants a scarf so I'll be busy knitting for a while....

I am also planning some more story time necklaces. Not sure what I fancy yet, however, I think Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty are next. I like to make things in pairs, especially if I use lots of techniques and these will include metal work, beading and felting again. There's something about different textures and the effects they create when put together that really works for me.

Lastly, Ben's been playing Rockband 2 (TM) and I've had to listen to quite a lot of music this weekend, not all to my taste, however, I really like the song below. There's a cool video on YouTube if you fancy watching something whilst listening.

Nine in the Afternoon - Panic! At the Disco

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More Scarves - Blame the Weather

As promised, here are pictures of my recent crop of scarves.

This is a picture of the teal wild flower scarf as it will look when being worn. Lighting conditions weren't brilliant today and it was a little windy, but I think you'll get the idea. :-)

French Navy Blue Chenille Cowl/Neck Warmer

This is a real Winter warmer. The cowl can be worn double or single or use the extra length to wear it like a hood. It'll definitely keep you snug and looking pretty.

The cowl has been made from gorgeous thick French navy blue chenille with four cables going up the sides and front and back and 3 crocheted roses adding extra glamour.

Here's a picture of the cowl worn double.

Here's a picture of the cowl worn single with the extra length creating a snug collar.

Here's the best picture of the roses I managed to take. For some reason the velvety shimmer of the chenille is very difficult to capture on camera.

Rose Blossom Scarf

This is just the prettiest fluffiest lightest scarf ever!

The main part of the scarf was crocheted in Debbie Bliss Soho (thick slubby yarn) in shades of pink, moss green, creamy white and duck egg blue. Very subtle colour and very soft 100% wool.

Above is the scarf wrapped around several times, below wrapped around once. It's quite long and can be worn almost like a lariat and because it's so light you can wear it inside to jazz up a simple jumper or outside to keep you warm and looking glamorous.

The flowers were knitted in Rowan Kidsilk (Haze, Starlight and Aura) in silvery grey, soft mauve pink, and white with silver accents.

The leaves were all hand knitted as well.

There are 15 flowers and 6 leaves on the scarf.

All three scarves will be available soon in my Etsy shop.

Story Time - Snow White and Snow Queen

Blame the weather for the late post! It's been horrible round here and impossible to take decent pictures in the daylight outside.

However, here they finally are, my latest two jewellery designs. They are based on fairy tales and I've mixed all my various craft skills to create them.

Snow White

The centre piece needle felted rose was on here before but this is the finished necklace:

Once in daylight:

Once in daylight with flash:
I've used oxidised copper wire with all sorts of vintage and new glass beads, ebony wood beads and I think there are also a couple of vintage lucite/plastic beads in there and quartz and vintage opalite beads. A lovely mix of black and very dark brown, various shades of red and white, just like in the story:

Once upon a time, as a queen sits sewing at her window, she pricks her finger on her needle and a drop of blood falls on the snow that had fallen on her ebony window frame. As she looks at the blood on the snow, she says to herself, "Oh, how I wish that I had a daughter that had skin white as snow, lips red as blood, and hair black as ebony".

The needle felted rose includes some crystal organza and is connected to the necklace by a copper plate, hand cut and stamped with Snow White and my logo. The necklace has a clasp although it will slip over the head as it is, however, I thought it would work perfectly for a wedding or any other special occasion, therefore I added the clasp so coiffured hair will not be tousled when putting on the necklace.

Here's a detailed view of the white beads:

Snow Queen

This necklace is again based on a story, this time by Hans Christian Andersen. Here's a description of the Snow Queen:

'The flake of snow grew larger and larger; and at last it was like a young lady, dressed in the finest white gauze, made of a million little flakes like stars. She was so beautiful and delicate, but she was of ice, of dazzling, sparkling ice; yet she lived; her eyes gazed fixedly, like two stars; but there was neither quiet nor repose in them.'

I wanted to capture the spirit of the snow queen - the deceptive softness of the snow and the sparkling of the ice, as well as the beauty and coldness of the queen herself.

For this reason the necklace has three focal points. The first one is the hand cut and stamped crown, finished with pale grey Swarovski bicones.

The second focal point is the vintage snowflake filigree that has been embellished with vintage diamante and two teeny milky round vintage beads.

The third focal point are three large hand felted beads, one in white and pink, one in lilac and white and the last one in a stormy grey/blue and white.

Each felted bead has been embellished with teeny faceted beads.

For the main part of the necklace I've used vintage and new glass beads, faceted and smooth, vintage lucite and plastic beads, labradorite and rock quartz, vintage opalite and Swarovski beads in various sizes and pale shades (pink, blue, lilac, grey, green) to reflect the light.

All findings are sterling silver.

Both necklaces will be available in my Etsy shop soon or if you can't wait, send me an e-mail. :-)

Coming soon: blue chenille cowl neckwarmer, more pictures of the teal flower scarf and pictures of the wild rose blossom scarf.

Friday, November 07, 2008

London Yarns and Unfinished Business

Caroline and I bought some really nice yarns in London and it was well worth the trip. Here are the first two items made from the yarn bought in London

Teal Flower Winter Scarf

Actually, it's not just teal, but that's the main colour....

I've used gorgeous Colinette yarn - thick and thin, 100% wool for the main scarf which was made in a random/free form crochet pattern.

I then added lots of crocheted flowers in Habu Paper Linen (indigo), Sirdar Snowflake (aubergine) and dark blue chenille (French navy).

The flowers have all been crocheted individually and embellished with flower buttons in various sizes and colours.

Below you can see the yarn in more detail: the colours range from various blues and teals to turquoise to purple and green. Delicious! A totally scrumptious scarf that will be available in my Etsy shop soon.

Jelly Yarn Clutch Bag
- Unfinished

Another of the finds in the shop in London was this totally cool jelly yarn. It's quite difficult to knit with and you get a special little wipe for the needles to make sure the yarn slides on and off the needles okay. Still, it's well worth the hard work.

Unfortunately, I ran out of yarn 3/4 of the way. Sniff. I've ordered more but it hasn't arrived yet.

The pattern is totally random because I found it looks much better that way - more textured, interesting and touchy-feely. I can't wait to finish it and also ordered some more of it in Black Liquorice. My mind is buzzing with all the possibilities. The finished handbag should look really cool and be totally different from anything else on the market. Caroline bought some of this yarn in a different colour and I am so curious to see what she'll make with hers.

Here you can see the yarn/knitting in detail. The yarn actually has a lustre to it and it's called Raspberry Sorbet.

The Weather and More Wrist Warmers

What awful weather we've had this week! Ever since last Saturday I've been hoping for the rain to ease off long enough to take some pictures. I don't like taking pictures inside as it changes the colours and I prefer to make the colours as realistic as I can.

Here are my latest wrist warmers. They're similar to the other ones but I've simplified the pattern and there's no complicated/complex cable pattern in the middle; they're longer and have a crochet edging in the charcoal at one end and in pale grey kid silk at the other end.

The wool I've used is a mix of cashmere and cotton (Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmerino) and the edging is in Rowan Kidsilk Aura.

These are mine and I've been wearing them lots. They're just so handy for cycling in this weather.

However, if you want some like it, drop me a line and we can discuss colour options etc.

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