Friday, November 07, 2008

London Yarns and Unfinished Business

Caroline and I bought some really nice yarns in London and it was well worth the trip. Here are the first two items made from the yarn bought in London

Teal Flower Winter Scarf

Actually, it's not just teal, but that's the main colour....

I've used gorgeous Colinette yarn - thick and thin, 100% wool for the main scarf which was made in a random/free form crochet pattern.

I then added lots of crocheted flowers in Habu Paper Linen (indigo), Sirdar Snowflake (aubergine) and dark blue chenille (French navy).

The flowers have all been crocheted individually and embellished with flower buttons in various sizes and colours.

Below you can see the yarn in more detail: the colours range from various blues and teals to turquoise to purple and green. Delicious! A totally scrumptious scarf that will be available in my Etsy shop soon.

Jelly Yarn Clutch Bag
- Unfinished

Another of the finds in the shop in London was this totally cool jelly yarn. It's quite difficult to knit with and you get a special little wipe for the needles to make sure the yarn slides on and off the needles okay. Still, it's well worth the hard work.

Unfortunately, I ran out of yarn 3/4 of the way. Sniff. I've ordered more but it hasn't arrived yet.

The pattern is totally random because I found it looks much better that way - more textured, interesting and touchy-feely. I can't wait to finish it and also ordered some more of it in Black Liquorice. My mind is buzzing with all the possibilities. The finished handbag should look really cool and be totally different from anything else on the market. Caroline bought some of this yarn in a different colour and I am so curious to see what she'll make with hers.

Here you can see the yarn/knitting in detail. The yarn actually has a lustre to it and it's called Raspberry Sorbet.


  1. woah! that jelly yarn is amazing!
    Good enough to eat!

  2. Looking great - it's too tiring to knit with and the wipe smells....but does look fab though!

  3. Oops, didn't realise you had two things under the same post - love that scarf, really different and so pretty. Gorgeous colours!

  4. I havent seen this jelly yarn before, it looks great!

  5. The scarf is fabulous
    looking forward to seeing the jelly bag finished

  6. like the jelly yarn! The necklace on my blog is not the one that has sold, i will post a picture of the one that has ben sold another time.


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