Saturday, January 09, 2010

Tortured heart

The third in the series.

Is your heart torn up, shredded and full of gashes? Do you keep vile poisons ready for anticipated slights? Are you sure everyone is out to get you? Then this heart is for you.

Tip: There is far more kindness and goodness around than your past experiences led you to believe.

Top vulture
Middle vulture and
Bottom vulture

Textures: Sky and pebble beach (at the front bottom) my own plus several on the heart itself.

Blood spatters by Khaosdog
Victorian Grunge textures by Freaky665
Various textures by Sirius_SDZ

Sutures/stitching - brushes by Redheadstock


  1. I think this is your best one so far, but it's very dark...emotionally I mean.

  2. Thanks for the tip - usually that type of things have a pitfall of "UK-only" when it is a magazine related. Didn't see any such clause though, but did not read the fine print.

    I am in a creative pitfall at the moment, I haven't done ANYTHING remotely great since November, mostly just "have-to"'s and have no inspiration :/ My back is still hurting (lower back, in the spine, I think I might have a nerve pin or a slipped/swollen disc) and to top it all, I think I had my first migraine attack ever 2 days ago. Next year I'll be 30. Guess my body's telling me it early...

    To make things even better, my craft room doesn't have heating on its own (a long story, it does kinda but it's not on) and since it has been between -10 and -20 since xmas it is not really nice to be there at all... I think I can see my breath in the air ;P And thanks to the "kids" I can't have the door open to the rest of the apartment either, except when I am there to supervise.


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