Sunday, September 06, 2009

Abandoned - Photo Collage

Photo manipulation/collage.

I've used:

- A photograph of the sky over the Suffolk Cost (UK) and a photo of the beach.

- A texture from Lady Amdis Dark Symphony Textures

- A grunge texture from Buzillo

- A leaf photograph.

All the photographs have been manipulated with various filters.

Actually, this started out as a background for one of my paintings but then I decided it was lovely as it is and turned it into a picture. I am really pleased with the mood, the colours and the textures.

The image can be purchased as a print either via DeviantArt or RedBubble. :-)


  1. It's lovely, I really like the elemental emptiness of the artwork and the brooding atmosphere. BFN. Lesley

  2. That is really lovely, there is certainly a feeling of abandonment there. Helz x

  3. I did leave a comment - must have been swallowed. I really like the atmosphere in this. More please!


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