Wednesday, September 30, 2009

At the Bottom of the Sea

My latest photo collage - number 8.

It has been inspired by the lyrics to the song 'At the Bottom of the Sea' by The Thermals.

I've used lots of my own pictures and textures, including:

- 2 pictures of the sea, both from the Suffolk coast,
- a picture of part of the Collosseum in Rome,
- a picture of some moss/clay soil on the Devil's Dyke in Reach, Cambridgeshire,

and the following textures from kind people on DeviantArt:

- Buzillo Grunge Textures
- Absynthium Stock Flame Textures
- Freaky665 Victorian Grunge

The jellyfish has been hand painted, and, although it's mostly anatomically correct, I've taken artistic license with it's colour. This particular jellyfish isn't normally red, but it works better with the rest of the collages and as they're all going to be used in the same calendar.... The bubbles have also been hand painted.

The image will be available on my RedBubble and DeviantArt pages as a print (and in various other forms) plus it will also be included in my soon to be released 'Soulscapes' calendar on Redbubble. I'll announce it here when it's ready. :-)

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