Thursday, October 01, 2009

In the Deep Dark Wood - Collage

My latest collage.

In the Deep Dark Wood

Imagine a Summer's day and coming out from the deep dark woods into the glowing sunlight....

I've used pictures of Sawston Hall's grounds, pictures I took at Reach and the sky at the Suffolk Coast... plus lots of textures, mostly 'home grown' this time.

... and painted a picture of a Ruby Tiger Moth. This time the colour is pretty much spot on...
The textures I've used from fellow deviants:

- Buzillo Grunge Textures - definitely my favourites, so useful!
- Frasio Big Pack of Light Textures

The image be available in my calendar 'Soulscapes' and as a print on Redbubble and in various forms on DeviantArt.

Newsflash: I sold a small poster on Redbubble yesterday - my second sale. The image was 'Over the Sea and Far Away', so far my most popular of the the collages.

1 comment:

  1. This is pretty - I like the dappled sunlight, and the contrast between the colours of the trees & moth.


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