Sunday, October 04, 2009

In Cold Blood - Collage

Number 11 - almost there.

In Cold Blood

The collage has nothing to do with the novel of the same name by Truman Capote, but rather with the necessity to make life changing decisions with your head and not your heart. I have tried to play with the differences between heart (passion, fire) and head (ice, cold logic) in the image. The salamander, who of course is a cold blooded creature none-the-less looks hot, almost like lava, whereas the background is cold and spattered with blood.

I've used various textures and some of my own patterns for this collage: there is a bindweed and a spiral grunge pattern, a grass/moss texture, a wall texture, a bark texture and an icy swirly texture made with my patterns. The textures that aren't mine are:

- Water/Ghostly Textures by Lithium0916
- Khaosdog: Blood Splatter textures
- One Cold Canadian: Abused Floor Textures
- Buzillo Grunge

Here is the fire salamander in detail. I stayed as true to the real thing as I could but emphasised the red/orange patches on its back to make it look more like magma and lava.
The calender is now almost within reach. I started the final picture last night and will hopefully finish it today, so, fingers crossed, there will be a calendar tomorrow. :-) I'll post the news of the calendar when I post the final picture.


  1. You are amazing!!!! I love the calendar idea! xo Cait

  2. Very impressive - lizards have great form, too. Lesley

  3. Your salamander positively glows! Lovely work.


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