Monday, October 05, 2009

Into the Maelstrom and Cover Page

This is the December image for my 2010 Soulscapes calendar.

I have used lots of my own textures and patterns (including the wallflower pattern and a new feather pattern), some of them photographs taken in Cambridgeshire (Lode and Reach).

Other textures are from fellow Deviants:
- Grunge by Buzillo
- Grunge Nebulae Textures by Fudgegraphics
- Big Light Textures by HinataTentenAnkoRul

The beetle is a red lily beetle and details can be seen below.

The calendar is available now from my Redbubble site.

Here's the cover image:

The front cover of the calendar:

The back cover of the calendar:

My next project will be the pattern/digistamp packs. I've already secured Nunt from PiquantPurls as my tester. So, this will occupy me in the next few weeks... amongst preserving, apples, sloes, blackberries and hopefully some quinces.

I also can't wait to get back to some knitting! I've got some plans for some gorgeous cherry red Malabridgo silk blend..... :-)


  1. Well done you! The calendar looks great - good luck with it!

    (Red Lily Beetles - grrrr, they decimate my lovely flowers!)

  2. I just had a look on redbubble and went through each month/page, it looks fantastic altogether, although the images are so different, they also all sit together beautifully. Fantastic work Sybille!

  3. I love your calendar images! Just beautiful.


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