Sunday, October 25, 2009

L'Oiseau Series - Métamorphose

The third in the series.

The series was inspired by T.S. Eliot’s poem Hollow Men, especially by the following lines:

“Between the desire
And the spasm
Between the potency
And the existence
Between the essence
And the descent
Falls the Shadow”

The first in the series is Panier-Avec-L'Oiseau
Prints of this painting are available on Redbubble.

The second in the series is Tête-à-Tête
Prints of this painting are also available on Redbubble.

The fourth painting in the series 'Fin' should be ready soon too. So watch this space. :-)

1 comment:

  1. This third piece is lovely - and the words that inspired the making of it. The colours and atmosphere are very appealing. BFN. Lesley


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