Saturday, October 17, 2009

L'Hiver - Winter Scrap(K)it and Weekend News

Check out my little taster of the L'Hiver - Winter Scenes Scrap(K)it over on MagpieMagic Scrap(K)it. It's not finished yet, but I wanted to show off what I have so far. (There's more to see plus 'breaking news' over on the new blog.)

It's been a busy old month so far, with one kit finished and tested - check out Nunt's Test Report - and another in the making.

I've also done a lot of preserving - from blackberry vodka to apple compote and apple jelly to ketchup. Sloe gin will be made today. (Pictures soon...)

I am also still knitting - this time a cherry red scarf in Malabrigo silk blend with a lovely lace pattern from the Victorian Lace Today book. Although the yarn is not a lace weight, the melon pattern (on the front cover of the book) I've chosen works fabulously, but with all the kits I am working on, it's taking time and only about 1/3 of the scarf is finished.

It's gone very cold and I'd quite happily go into hibernation; although I love sunny cold days, especially when there's snow about, I don't particularly relish the cold nor the wet and grey days we get here in England.

My new calendar from Redbubble arrived yesterday and it was the first chance to see my photo collages all printed on glossy paper. I am so pleased with it. It looks great and the print and paper quality is fab. Big thankyou to Steve for ordering it for me.

Lastly, I updated my blog layout today to allow for three columns rather than two. Thanks to Nunt for the link to the info that allowed me to do this. I've cleaned and tidied up the layout a bit as well whilst I was messing around with it and added a button plus code to the new MagpieMagic Scrap(K)it blog.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


  1. WOW, Sybille! You have been busy!!! All these project--no wonder you want to go into hybernation--there isn't enough time to go outside with all this wonderful creativity going on!! But I'm with you--when it is cold and damp and gray I love working inside and having a hot cup of tea!! The sun here has been very beckoning lately however!! xo Cait

  2. Looking good - love those little birds on a line! You have been busy!
    I'm looking forward to seeing the finished shawl.

  3. Is there no end to your talents, Sybille - the knitting, calendar, craft kits and now, blackberry vodka and apple compote? Sounds delicious. Best wishes. Lesley


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