Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Posters, Goth Designs and T-shirts

Two new designs I made for my new Goth kit (still a work in progress).

The first design was inspired by the 'Day of the Dead'.

The second is inspired by tattoos. I wanted it to be funky, gothic and romantic all at the same time.

I liked both designs so much that I decided to make them available as prints and t-shirts on Redbubble.

I am still working on the kit. It will be divided in two - one part will be the original Gothic and the second part will be the 'new' Gothic.


  1. Excellentae my Capitaine!.....can never have enough goths! HAHA!

  2. dead cool - if you'll pardon the pun!!

  3. Hi Sybille - you have been busy while I was away! Love these new Goth designs - very spooky, just wait until you see something I picked up for you in Salem....

  4. Fabulous designs Sybille. Helz x

  5. I love the gothic designs- great work

  6. I was looking for images for my 'goth' grandson and came upon your site. I have been fascinated; some images simply gorgeous, others - well, they're goth! It's been a pleasure - you are a talented woman. Thank you.


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