Friday, September 25, 2009


This is my latest collage and so far the most complex. Many, many layers later... Please click on it to see a larger version as some of the detail is hard to see in this smaller version.

The dragonfly - a grasshawk - has been handpainted and then been combined with the background.

Here's the dragonfly by itself:

I've used lots of textures this time:
Absynthium Stock Flame Textures
Buzillo Grunge
Fudgegraphics Grunge Nebula
Freaky665 Memories
Princess of Shadows Vintage Grunge
Lordarq Clouds

I have also used several textures of my own, including one of sea glass pebbles and sand, a photograph of the breakers at Southwold, a cloud picture etc. etc.

It was a more difficult picture to work on as the lighting needed to be exactly right to make you feel like you're looking at a storm without all the detail washing out.


  1. It's definitely got a stormy feeling to it - brrrr!!

  2. Another wonderful piece of art Sybille! Helz x


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