Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Artemis - Wrist Warmers and Brooch Set

Here's my latest wrist warmer set:


The wrist warmers have a fancy yarn (guinea fowl yarn is what I call it) cuff section and a burgundy red Debbie Bliss Cashmerino 'glove' section. There is a lovely diamond lace pattern running up the centre front and picot edging along the edge of the hand section and thumb.

The brooch is a double cabbage rose in both yarns and adorned with real guinea fowl feathers:

When the writst warmer is worn the lace pattern shows up nicely. There's also a little irridescent ribbon to finish off the 'Artemis' look - elegant, glamorous and timeless. :-)

The back has my trademark cable at the inside of the wrist. This makes sure the wristwarmer sits nice and tight around the wrist.

Here you can see the details:

The set will be available in my Etsy shop unless you snatch it up first. If you're interested, drop me a line.


  1. Hi,
    Sorry not to have visited for a while. I've just been looking at your digi art here, some wonderful pieces, you are so clever!
    I really like these wrist warmers, love the contrast on colour and textures.

  2. Well done on using that 'guineafowl' yarn so successfully! Really nice combination and I love the lace up the middle too.

  3. The yarns and colours, together, are wonderful. A really successful mix of hues and textures, conveying softness and lightness. Guinea fowl feathers are so pretty. Bye for now.

  4. very xmassy looking wrist warmers Sybille-lovely!


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