Monday, August 22, 2011

Photo Fun and Sad News

I had some fun snapping photos with my new Hipstamatic app. I love all the different looks you can achieve. :-) Here's just a (very) small selection of the images I shot this weekend. I did some with a 'real' camera as well, those are coming up soon.

It was nice to play around and have some fun on Sunday, especially as I had some bad news on Saturday. One of our cats who had been suffering from a tumour or abscess in her cheek had to be put down by the vet as it was getting too painful and debilitating for her (until the last few days she was fine in herself and painless).

She was one tough old cat - 18 years old. I still expect her to walk through the door with one of her crany miaows. I bet she's in cat heaven (or wherever cats go), hunting mice to her heart's content, however she left behind a Mayberry-shaped hole...

All our cats have been 'rescued' somehow... I wonder when the next one in need of rescuing will walk through the door. Or if you are in the Cambridge area and have a kitten that needs a good home... ?

1 comment:

  1. So sad about your cat :0(
    Hope you are coping ok Sybille-never an easy time.
    Great pics! Hope you have lots of fun with it.


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