Saturday, August 13, 2011


This image was a 'difficult birth'. It's for a competition and I had this idea in my head, but when I tried to find the right stock images for it, I couldn't. :-( So, I had to re-think my approach.

I wanted to do something that shows more than just a few aliens 'invading earth', but different layers of invasion: the usual 'war' invasion, the consequences, the rape, murder and torture. I've tried to keep it simple and use symbols like the towers (Martello tower I captured at the Suffolk coast), the wires into her back the ivy (a most invasive plant that will deconstruct buildings), the wounds and cracks to indicate the destruction of people during an invasion, etc.

I've used a lot of my own images in this one, including my own crack brush, ivy, sky and wire images, flag etc.

  • Parts - 25 by mjranum-stock
  • Model - Candace Nirvana
  • Photographer - Marcus Ranum
All other images/textures/brushes etc my own.
 CN: CU939-R83WG-JWWU1


  1. This is Magical, Mistress of Magpie Magic!

  2. Bleak, but I love what it conveys - makes me think of the Channel Islands in the 1940's.


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