Monday, August 15, 2011

More Street Life

Street Life III: The Shellac Collective
This is in honour of The Shellac Collective: - a lovely team bringing 78s and the music that goes with it back into our lives.
All images my own plus:

Street Life IV: Much Loved
This collage of images is of all the much loved record sleeves with personal writing on them, and one of a record sleeve made from wall paper for a (obviously) much loved 78. :-)
All images my own plus:

Street Life V: Hot Numbers
This is a collage with more images from the fair plus some I took in the street. The "street images" are painted on a wall and were a 'sign' or advertisement for a record store that is no longer there. I thought they wen't really well together. Some Cambridge people may remember the store - it was called Hot Numbers.
All images my own plus:

Street Life VI: Club
This image is mainly made from LP record sleeves - I love the cover art on records, and the thought and love that went into them. I tried to cover several eras with the collage. The word "Club" was an image taken 'on the street' and edited in Photoshop to add the swirls. I finally added a couple of patterns to make it really 'sing'. :-)
All images my own plus:
Aged Photo Effect by Shadowhouse
You'd Be Surprised Texture by Shadowhouse
Assorted Oddities Textures by Shadowhouse
BG Vintage PK4 by Inspyretash-Stock
BG Vintage PK7 by Inspyretash-Stock

Well, not street life exactly, although I did walk in off the street and mixed in some street photography. LOL

I went to The Shellac Collective's Record Fair yesterday to see the amazing number of 140000 records (78s, LPs and singles) and was allowed to take loads of pictures, which I combined into more Street Life images. I've also used some of my actual Street Life images (graffiti and paintings on the walls plus signage) to add more character. I am really pleased with how they turned out.

With much thanks to The Shellac Collective for allowing me to take pictures at their Record Fair. If you're interested in seeing this marvellous collection, there's another fair planned for December. I'll post the details on my blog nearer the time.


  1. Vinyl was so cool - it was always part of the enjoyment of buying a new album if it had a wonderfully designed cover. Great images.

  2. Nice images Sybille - I particularly like 'Streetlife III'. x


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