Monday, August 08, 2011

Cambridge Rock Festival 2011 Diary

Last weekend was the Cambridge Rock Festival 2011 - if you weren't there, shame on you, especially if you live in the Cambridgeshire area, it was a fab event. Even if you couldn't make it, you could have listened (often live) on Cambridge 105 - who were the only radio station broadcasting (mostly live) from the event starting Thursday night all the way through to Sunday night.

The weather was mixed but apart from a deluge on Thursday night the skies were mostly clear with only a little shower now and again. Perfect festival weather. (It's not a festival if you don't need wellie boots.)

Here are some pictures to wet your appetite for next year's event.

 The crowd was spellbound from Friday to Sunday - from little ones to 'rock' granddads and grandmas.... 

The bands were fabulous - from the rock 'pixie' Chantel McGregor with her bluesy rock and fabulous guitar, to John Otway who never once fails to amuse, to Larry Miller whose joy at playing live is so strong that it causes sparks in the audience to Caravan who had the audience swaying and singing along, to finally the up and coming bands playing in the 'access to stage' area, gaining confidence and fans.

Notice the rainbow over the broadcast van? (You can't see the van, only the fantastic 60 foot mast.) ;-)

Here are a few snapshots of the team that brought this even to you - if you were listening. Kipper the Cat Show (hosted by the Shellac Collective) played live (and was broadcast live) from the craft tent, and many of the members of Cambridge 105 turned up to help with all the technical bits and to broadcast live from the festival with one cool show after the other, which included interviews with the stars of the festival, live feeds from the stage, freshly prepared mushroom omelettes and rocket power coffee (the crew had to eat and often there was no time to run to the lovely food stalls), and, of course continuous rock all the way through. To find out about the latest events join Cambridge 105 on Facebook or check out the website.

All photographs © Sybille Sterk, credits to Daniel Box for his Instagram actions for Photoshop.

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