Monday, August 10, 2009

Pictures from the Seaside

We spent a fantastic day at the Suffolk coast yesterday, starting with the best fish & chips ever at Dunwich (where all the pictures were taken).

Here you can see a rusty (but still working) winch in the foreground and the fish & chips place at the back.

I didn't want to take much time to mess around with photos so they were all quick shots - more as a memento than for artistic quality - so I played around with them today. :-)

Blue Boats

Pebbles and Leaf

Common Broad-Leaf Plantain

Green by the Beach

Dove's Foot Crane Bill (Geranium Molle)

Purple Wheat

We brought back lots of fresh fish and seafood - you just can't compare the fish you buy in the shops with freshly caught fish. I'd happily eat fish like that every day of the week.

We were so lucky with the weather too - it was hot but not too hot, with a slight breeze and we found a lovely tearoom by the beach in Orford Ness to end the day.


  1. ditto! - lucky you...
    I have never been there, but would like to sometime.
    I esp like the purple wheat pic.


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