Friday, August 07, 2009

Feature: Healing Hands

Years ago, when the days seemed longer, when there was not so much to do and a shop with all the ingredients was just round the corner, I used to make my own cosmetics. It was totally fab because I knew exactly what was in it and what I wanted to be in there and what I didn't want to be in there.

Nowadays there aren't enough hours in the day anyway, so no time to hunt down ingredients and stand in the kitchen for hours to make a pot of facial cream. However, the highstreet and 'high brand' makes just don't agree with me. They're okay for a little while and then some ingredient or other just starts irritating my skin.

So, I thought, what's out there that's better? I had a look and found Healing Hands Aromatherapy on the net.

Healing Hands is run by Tracey who is a fully qualified and certified aromatherapist. You can check out her impressive credentials here.

I bought a toner, face and eye cream from her manukka honey range and they're totally fab. My skin is soft, no irritations, no red blotches, no itching. I've used them for three months and they're still great. And they last.

The nice thing is if you're unsure what to buy or what's right for your skin, send Tracy a message and she'll do her best to help, which is fantastic news for anyone with problem skin.

The lotions and potions are nicely packaged and use great ingredients, mostly organic and just the kind of thing your skin will love: manukka, aloe vera, clays and essential oils.

I've been dabbling in herbs and essential oils for years and know a thing or two and I do know she knows her stuff. I've been to shops on the highstreet who sell this kind of thing and found, despite all the so-called training, they don't have a clue, so this is high praise from me. :-) Especially, as there are no 'nasties' in her creams, which is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.

Here are a few samples of her wares:

Tracy even sells kits for making your own clay masks, shower gels, gift sets and lotions and potions for all kinds of skin conditions.

Now here's the best bit, Tracey's stuff is totally fab, but it is also very affordable. It's made on the day it's ordered and usually shipped the same day (depends on what time of day you order).

I am so pleased with it, I just had to share it. So, if you've been thinking of changing your beauty regime, this is my recommendation. Team it up with some mineral makeup and you won't recognise your skin because it'll look so fantastic. :-)

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  1. I had a look at the shop, some nice products, might visit again in future to buy some goodies!


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