Saturday, August 15, 2009


I don't normally paint angels, but my sister suggested I should do. I wasn't particularly inspired by the idea until I saw this photo by David Mapletoft. I love the pose of the woman in the photo and the exuberance of it. It gave me a starting point for my angel picture.

I wanted something that showed 'MY angel'. My angel had to have a certain innocence - the kind of innocence you see in toddlers. I also wanted my angel to be part of everything, hence the vines and flowers. And there had to be lots of light and shadow in the image.

The vines in the back are actually all patterns I created. The frame is made up of photos I took of branches and then edited with filters.

I am quite pleased with how it turned out. A first for me. I've painted all sorts and shapes of fairies and monsters and demons, but never an angel. LOL

The painting is available as a print on RedBubble.


  1. She's lovely - I like the way all the components work together so well too.

  2. I Like the shape of the wings and the flowers twining through the hair. Lovely!

  3. The painting's really lovely, the vine images work well and I love the flowers in her hair. Well done. BFN. Lesley

  4. I really like the flower twigs at the top.
    Nice work Sybille.

  5. What a lovel peach bottom lol!
    Lovely work

  6. Absoultely gorgeous! Hope this was not your last Angel! Waiting for more!

  7. Really nice Captain!....heres a quote from one of me fave films....'Angels to some....demons to others!'...

    Your painting brought that to mind!


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