Monday, August 24, 2009

Feeling Blue - The Necklace

Recently I made lots of earrings, one pair was called 'Feeling Blue'. I like them so much but I didn't have a necklace to go with them, so I had to make one. ;-)

Feeling Blue Necklace

Above you can see it long and below doubled up.

I've used too many beads to count: resin, glass and lucite, vintage and new, heart shaped, round, oval, ribbed, smooth, and faceted. I've also included a black bird charm and lots of black plated findings and blue and black enamelled vintage chain. Details can be see below.

I am so pleased with this. It was finished last week, but I've been so busy with painting another picture (which is giving me no end of trouble), knitting a wrap cardigan (which is taking forever), the usual housework and things, plus editing the photos I took at Sawston Hall.

Watch this space for more new stuff....


  1. Lovely collection of beads - I like a necklace with plenty of interest! The black bird works perfectly!

  2. this is lovely Sybille-really pretty and colours go well together too.

  3. Just had a look larger in detail, looking really good! I especially like the black bird charm. Lovely work Sybille.

  4. Isn't it nice to feel that satisfaction? The necklace is lovely and I like the contrast of the bird charm too. Bye for now. Lesley


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