Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sweetheart Necklace

For a while now I had this idea going round in my head of a long necklace in greens and blues, but when the green/blue yarn arrived for the Where the Land Meets the Sea shawl, it suddenly all became clear:

The necklace isn't quite as long as it looks on this bust (the bust is only about 3/4 of a REAL person). However, it is quite long and can be wrapped around twice.

I raided my drawers for all sorts of beads, chains and charms that I thought would work well together and there are:
  • vintage beads and beadcaps,: lucite, glass, enamelled, copper, brass and gunmetal
  • new beads (glass, resin and fabric)
  • recycled glass beads from Ghana and new glass pearls and hollow glass beads
  • vintage and new chain in black, enamelled blue, copper and brass
  • vintage and new charms in brass, copper and pewter.
I love the colours and I like the fact that I've combined various metals so I can wear bracelets in the various metals with it rather than having to stick to one metal. The recycled glass has wonderful bumps and inclusions, the vintage has a lovely patina and all in all the necklace celebrates variety.

... and this one's all mine. LOL

However, if you'd like a similar sweetheart necklace with the sweetheart charm and different colours, let me know. I am happy to make another. Indeed, I might make another one anyway. LOL


  1. What a scrummy collection of beads - they look terrific together!

  2. this is really lovely Sybille-some really cool beads on it. I love that asymetric look

  3. Pretty necklace, I like the little bird charm especially.


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