Sunday, August 02, 2009

Where the Land Meets the Sea Shawl - Poncho - Capelet

I just bought this gorgeous cotton and linen mix yarn from the lovely Bev at Knitting4fun and had to make something special from it.

This is my own design and I am not quite sure if it's a poncho, shawl, shrug, capelet or a cowl. LOL It's so versatile and will slip over the shoulders or sit loosely round your neck. It might even fit looped round your neck twice, but I haven't tried that. Here are some ways to wear it:

Here you can see the yarn in detail with all the lovely shades of green and blue... YUM. The pattern is a fairly simple scallop lace pattern. It's easy to do and works well with this kind of yarn.

I've got the same yarn in pink and yellow (very soft yellow) so watch this space for more gorgeousness.


  1. Wow - so simple and yet so pretty! Reminds me not only of wavelets on the beach, but also the lines of a whelk shell.

  2. Fab- just like waves breaking on the shoreline

  3. What a flexible design, nice work :)

  4. 'Sea Shawl' it couldn't be anything else - lovely. Clever you.


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