Monday, August 24, 2009


July and August are always busy cake months. Lots of birthdays and lots of baking.

Here's a picture of the chocolate cake I made for Ben. His favourite - Roald Dahl's recipe. :-)

And here's another of Ben's favourites: Strawberry Cheesecake...

I've also made two custard tarts this month (so far) and a spinach pie. Of all of them the spinach pie was my favourite....

... sigh, and I don't even like baking!!!


  1. Sometimes I am very glad I don't live near you...making cakes like these I'd be on your doorstep every day for elevenses!

  2. what a talent you are Sybille-knitting, baking, painting, jewellery making etc etc-list goes on :0)
    The cakes look gorgeous!

  3. That chocolate cake looks yummy, love the way it's dripping over the plate.
    Spinach pie sounds good too.


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