Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Earrings: Feeling Blue, Emmeline, Isabella, and Ophelia

All started because I was feeling blue yesterday, so I decided to make myself a pair of earrings to cheer myself up. :-)

It worked too!

Here are my earrings:

Feeling Blue

I've used the most wonderful pale blue dimpled vintage lucite orbs and combined them with red AB coated vintage faceted beads. The findings are all black powder coated and new: black beadcaps with a filigree design, black chain (the chain is turned in on itself i.e. double and created the 'o' pattern quite by accident), and black earwires. I love the red against the pale blue, and the black findings just seem to make it 'zing'. :-)

However, I just had to get some more of those gorgeous pale blue orbs so I can make myself a matching necklace, none of my other ones seems to work with the earrings. Sniff. ;-)


Don't these remind you of a Victorian tearoom with it's cosy gaslights? Hence the name Emmeline. :-)

I've used muted orange vintage lucite globes that have a sort of stripey pattern etched into the surface with coppery red metallic coated vintage faceted glass beads. The enamelled black bead caps at the bottom between the two beads are vintage too all the other black findings are modern but no less lovely for it.

The orange bead glows in artificial light almost like a halloween pumpkin:


IMHO a very Gothic earring, hence the name Isabella. I was thinking of Isabella in the Castle of Otranto, forgetting totally about Isabella in Twilight. Both work. A very feminine pair of earrings with a Gothic touch...

All the beads are vintage: the small pink ones are glass with a rose motif carved into it, the silvery flower spacer beads are vintage plastic with a metallic coating, and the large drop shaped beads are charcoal grey faceted glass beads with a lovely almost aged mirror glass coating.

The chain and other findings are modern, but really bring out the romance because of the starkness of the black/charcoal grey findings against the purple and silver.

Ophelia Earrings

Yep, I've been watching Desperate Romantics too. I like the Pre-Raphaelites anyway, but it was seeing the painting in the series that inspired these earrings:

All the beads, beadcaps, earwires, chains and charms are vintage. The only new thing are the black headpins, jumprings, and the black chain.

I've used wonderful frosted, dimpled oval beads for the flower head, soft green lucite flowers for the petals, two different types of beadcaps in copper and brass for the stem and a bronze coloured faceted bead. The gorgeous brass earwires have a stylised lily design at the front. The three chains are all different - one has figure of eight links, one has textured oval links (both brass), and the black chain has little box shaped links. The beautiful leaves are vintage brass with a lot of patina.

The bottom three pairs of earrings will be available in my Etsy shop shortly. Promise, I will definitely get round to it. It's not my fault there are only 24 hours in the day and some of those need to be spent sleeping.... even if sleeping is for wimps! ;-)


  1. All of the earrings are so pretty and I love the way you have photographed them - what a productive day! Best wishes. Lesley

  2. Wow, the 'old' looking findings really make these earrings into something special. I'm liking this foray into Victoriana!

  3. these are lovely Sybille-hope you're feeling less blue now :0)


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