Friday, August 08, 2008

Wonderful Beads

Yay! Lots of beads arrived this morning in the post. Another delivery all the way from Victoria, Canada. My favourite bead maker, Firedance Beads, has sent some more of his delicious, gorgeous beads.

Remember the 'Happy Tears' set? I ran out of beads (there were only 4 to start with) and I really wanted a matching necklace to go with the bracelet and earrings.... so I asked Paul if he could make me some matching ones, just enough to make a necklace.

This was the first set he made me:

Lavender Lovelies

It wasn't quite right - the blue and pink mixed instead of staying separate. However, I thought they were so beautiful, I had to have them anyway. :-) They'll make another lovely wedding set.

Next, he made me another set:

Bluesy Pinks

And it works. Perfectly. Can't wait to make the necklace. And then I've finally run out of excuses and have to upload all the new stuff to my Etsy shop.... LOL

However, since he was sending beads anyway... I thought I might as well get some more. :-) Saves on postage... Good for the environment as there is less packaging... Those are my excuses anyway. :-) Honestly, I just needed them! ;-)

Charcoal 2

These are just so pretty. The picture (all pictures are courtesy Firedance Beads) is great but the beads are even prettier in real life. They have very fine, very delicate grey and green striations which makes them so very special.

Tangerine Dreams 3

Aren't these gorgeous? I love the deep fiery oranges. Hmmm... it will be very hard not to keep these (or any of the others LOL). I have to think of something really special to do them justice!

... and finally

Paddy's Delight

There is emerald and chartreuse and olive green in these beads and it makes them shimmer and shine and all juicy green. I love those colours and green has always been one of my favourite colours (along with all the others, gimme colours!).

Again, they deserve a very special setting... so watch this space. :-)


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