Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Tears

Happy Tears Set (Earrings and Bracelet)

I made the bracelet a little while ago but it needed some earrings to go with it. I wasn't sure what design to choose for the earrings as I wanted something simple, so this is what I came up with.

The feature beads are the Bluesy Pink 1 beads I bought from Firedance beads a while back. The metal I've used is rose gold - the first time I have used this. It's funny how each metal is different to work with. I've also used white jade, frosted quartz (clear), rosy pink cherry quartz, and aquamarine. All the glass beads (including the lovely pale rose rondelle beads) are from Firedance beads.

The bracelet is a simple design of beads wired together in a chain with a pretty handmade clasp. I wanted the beads to shine and the design (I felt) therefore had to be flowing rather than complex.

The earrings are elegant and flowing, too, with the beads just strung on the wire which then was shaped and hammered to the current elliptical form.

The set is for my new wedding range which I am currently putting together - like the Fairy Queen Tiara and matching Fairy Queen corsage bracelet.


  1. Pretty, pretty beads and I really like the design of those earrings.

  2. Caroline nearly always writes exactly what I was going to, oh well, great minds think alike and all that! - lovely work Sybille, the earrings are a fab design, and i really like the beads you have used.


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