Monday, July 28, 2008


Just thought I show you what Ben and I have been playing with. All the spores have been created using the Spore Creature Creature from EA Games. It is the perfect entertainment for the Summer holidays and can be played by little ones (from 3+ to 99). All you need is a computer. It's available both for PC and MAC. :-)

Ben's creations:



Ben made that specially for me. It's got flowers all over it and it's very cute. :-)


Ben's deer ant. :-)Aspahagus

This was a creature Ben and I designed together. Reminds me a bit of Roc, a bird from mythology.


Another of the creatures we designed together. Ben named it as well. :-)

Dragonicus Fiammatis

I just love dragons. Ben told me to make a fiery one, so here it is!

Dragonicus Maris

I also love sea horses, can you tell?


And here is what Ben calls my 'cat-monkey-wasp'. It was supposed to be a griffin-like creature....

This is as far as we got. What will your creatures look like? Go on, have a try, it really is fun!


  1. What fabulous creatures you have created, looks like you and Ben have ben having lots of fun!


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