Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Sterling Silver Ivy Bracelet

Sorry guys, this bracelet won't be available in my shop. It's a birthday present...

I've been making rather a lot of ivy recently, but all in copper. I thought I am now experienced enough to make one in Sterling silver. In fact, I made three, but only used one for this bracelet. Using three would have made it 'feel' too heavy.

Here's the ivy leaf in detail. You can also see that the clasp is handmade and that I've tried to re-create the little tendrils and shoots you get on ivy in the clasp and the wire the ivy leaf is hanging from.

Here you can see all the different beads I wire wrapped together to make the double bracelet chain: there are lovely frosted deep green Japanese seed beads, bright green coral stick beads, Czech faceted two-tone glass beads and gorgeous Chrysocolla rondelles. Unfortunately, the Chrysocolla looks much darker on the picture than in real life where it is a mix of vibrant greens and dark turquoise and navy blues.

Since the ivy leaf was silver I wanted to show the different greens of the ivy in the chain.

I might lightly oxidise the bracelet to bring out more detail in the leaf and the clasp. If I do, I'll post some more pictures.


  1. h wow- this is such a fabulous bracelet- i'd love to see a silver tiara made of ivy leaves too

  2. WOW!!
    loving it!
    i have just made a pinkie ring out of a brass mustard spoon, with a little mother of pearl button set into it! it isn't quite right, noly a practice run really, but it will be going on the blog soon!


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