Monday, July 21, 2008

Fairy Queen Dewdrop Corsage Bracelet

I've been busy experimenting with new materials. I got the most gorgeous silk rods and cocoons from the LARKSPUR FUNNY FARM & FIBER ART STUDIO on Etsy and decided to make a corsage bracelet with some silk roses to match the tiara I made a little while back. The most difficult bit was to restrict myself and not buy the whole shop! The colours are amazing and they're even better in real life than on the pictures in the shop.

I started off with the band. It was made from the same silk/steel yarn and paper moire yarn I've used for the tiara. I made two ribbons of the same size in the paper moire and then a third but this was crocheted in gunmetal wire. I sandwiched the gunmetal ribbon between the two paper moire ribbons to get a sturdy base. Then I embellished it with lace made with the silk/steel yarn and lots of tiny Japanese beads.

I added a little lip to one end and a flowery embellishment for the button to go through so the bracelet could be closed securely.

Next, I had to fabricate the roses. Grace from the Larkspur Funny Farm & Fibre Art Studio was extremely helpful. I had never worked with either silk rods nor with cocoons and was a bit at sea as of how to use it and prepare it. She patiently answered all my questions in great detail and, finally, I felt ready to play. :-)

Here's a picture of the materials I used:

Three strips in two colours of the silk rod (old gold and natural). These were prepared by moistening them with water and then gently peeling the layers apart. With a little patience I managed to get two layers. I then patted them dry and went over them with a rolling pin to flatten the fibre after all the handling. The golden cocoon (a natural cocoon rather than a 'grown' cocoon was also moistened with water so I could gently pull it into the shape I wanted.

I've also used some dark green cocoons that I cut into two halves and then I created scalloped edges with some embroidery scissors.

Next, I attached Swarovski and Czech faceted beads (the same ones I used on the tiara) to the centre of the golden cocoons and attached 3 layers of silk rod, stuffed each into the green cocoon halves and finally attached them all to the bracelet.

It was a lot of work but I think the result is quite natural, and every fairy queen would love to have one for her wedding. :-)

Here are a couple of pictures that show the corsage bracelet being worn:

I am planning to make a few hair pins and other items to embellish hair with the silk rods and cocoons. Some will match this set, others will be a riot of colour. It's all planned out (in my head). LOL Check back soon.


  1. Wow, those flowers have turned out so beautifully and I love the honeycomb of the centre cocoon - looks gorgeous on too!

  2. Fabulous, fabulous -definitely fit for Tatiana =}

  3. Titania even? Or are you talking about the Russian queen of faries? LOL I'll call my next tiara Tatiana. :-)



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