Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Fairy Queen Dew Drop Tiara

Sorry for the long name, but it just needed it. :-) Because it's what I think it looks like. LOL
See for yourself:

This is my latest venture - wedding 'decorations' for the bride or ladies who go to balls and proms. I've used the most delightful, delicious Japanese yarn from a secret place on the internet. Na, only joking, Caroline told me about it. If you fancy some yourself, check this out: K1Yarns.

The first yarn I used was Habu, Silk and Stainless Steel, in silver. It's difficult to work with, very tangly - with crochet and beads at least, I think it may be easier if you knit it - but the effect is beautiful. It's shimmery, it's soft and if tightly knitted or crocheted it's sculptural as well. The second yarn I used was Habu, Paper Moire, in moccha. This is lovely to work with. I love the natural feel of it - almost like a vine.

I started off with a tiara base in silver plate. I then added the first layer: a filigree web of the silk and stainless steel yarn with beads (Japanase Toho beads in creamy, shimmery pearl, little Miyuki drops in pearl, teeny tiny Japanese seed beads in creamy buttermilk, and more Miyuki drops in crystal bronze lined).

The next 'layer' was a frame work made from silver plated wire. This consequently was then covered with the paper moire yarn, one, to hide the frame work, but also because it gives it a softer more tactile feel.

The final layer was done with the silk and stainless steel yarn and more beads, this time Swarovski and Czech faceted beads to add a bit of glimmer and glamour.

The colours of the tiara are perfect for any hair colour. The shape of the tiara works either with a simple or short hair styles as it can be worn like an alice band, or it can be draped around a 'piled-up on top' hair style.

The tiara (even if I say so myself) is subtly elegant and romantic and works for the young bride as well as the mature bride. Or just wear it because it's so pretty! :-)

Available soon in my Etsy shop!


  1. Good grief Sybille! There was me just going to make a scarf or something! This is beautiful, got a very Titania feel about it, I love this sort of ragged elegance!

  2. I'd love to see this in the flesh or a photo of someone wearing it to get the full effect


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