Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Safari Necklace

This is a necklace I made for my mum. I had the beads for a while and wanted to make an all wooden necklace and I think my mum will like it.

The necklace has a simple but clever design as it can be worn very long or double up. It's long enough, even doubled up to be still comfortable.

Here you can see some of the beads in detail: I've included some of the lovely beads I bought recently from ebony and bayong wood, and also textured wooden saucers with a leopard pattern, little cubes with a pattern half leopard half tiger, long coconut tubes, and round flat coconut discs with a spiral pattern carved into it plus lots of wooden spacer beads in varying shades of brown.

Here you can see the brass clasp I made and that all the beads have been wrapped together to make sure the necklace is strong - especially if it gets a lot of handling by being doubled up.

The beautiful teardrop shape looked a bit lonely set against all the beads so I added the little vintage dragonfly. It really is teeny - the wingspan is just over 1cm.

I have some beads left over from the mix I put together to make this necklace so I might make another short necklace similar to this which will go in my Etsy shop.

1 comment:

  1. I'm drooling over this one - love the way the different beads work so well together. Lucky mum!


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