Friday, August 15, 2008

Pink Grapefruit Set

... and because it was so much fun to make felted beads... I made some more. LOL
Here's my Pink Grapefruit set. I love pink grapefruits and it's one of my favourite juices to drink in the morning. The colour combination of pink and orange has always fascinated me. I love the combination of the two colours, but I know a lot of people don't like it, although it's used widely in India and other Asian countries.

Pink Grapefruit Set

I've used the felted beads I made, but this time I used vintage brass bead caps that almost look like flames or the green tops you get on tomatoes. Very organic. For the smaller beads I've used vintage bead caps shaped like little flower petals, again brass. All the chain and other findings are brass too. The clasps are handmade as per usual.

The beads I've used are soft pink chalcedony, pale pink rose quartz, lovely lemony citrine and deep orange carnelian.

The stars of the show are of course Paul's fabulous Tangerine Dream 3 beads (Firedance Beads) on both the necklace and the bracelet.

The large felted beads are three-tone: palest pink, bright golden yellow, and deep orange. The smaller ones also have teeny threads of pink silk felted into it - the same kind of effect as you get in handmade paper that has rose petals included.


I am really proud of these as they are so unusual. They are feather light and easy to wear and they are great on their own.

I've dangled the pink chalcedony, pale lemon citrine and bright orange carnelian from the bottom of the earring.


The bracelet is made with two different vintage brass chains and more fuzzy grapefruit balls and the lovely Tangerine Dreams 3 beads. For the centre bead, because it's smaller than the other two, I've used different vintage brass bead caps. On either side of the big fuzzy beads are chalcedony beads in lovely soft pink and deep orange carnelians.


The necklace is made with three of the large orange fuzzy felt beads, two more of the Tangerine Dream 3 beads and a mix of chalcedony, citrine, pale rose quartz and carnelian. I've again used the same two vintage chains to make sure the chain will hang nicely and to add a little texture. There's a small little fuzzy bead hanging from the clasp as a little dangle.

I am really pleased with the set, but I think it's a 'love it or hate it' set as it's so unusual - the colours as well as the design. However, I really like all the different textures - the fuzzy soft felt against the smooth glossiness of the handmade glass beads and the precious glow of the semi precious beads against the dark patina of the aged brass. I also love the fact that it mixes old and new and the colours are so soft and yummy. The necklace reminds me of high summer and a party at the beach.

This set, like the two bracelets from the previous post, will soon appear in my Etsy shop. :-)

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  1. Either love it or hate it? I love it! Colours are rich & intense, I like the contrasting textures and best of all I like the large bead caps holding the felt like little brass hands!


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