Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Tears - Finally United

Now Paul from Firedance beads has sent me my lovely matching beads (see previous post) I had no excuse to not make the necklace to finish the set.

I wanted to make something that encapsulated the 'wedding spirit' and was still simple and elegant to work with the bracelet and earrings and to frame the lovely beads.

I've used rose gold wire to wire wrap all the beads and make the clasp; to show the wedding spirit I used to little vintage brass swallows flying towards each other and a lovely vintage design brass filigree with more beads hanging from it. The beads I used are the same as before:

Paul's lovely Bluesy Pinks, rose quartz, blue topaz, frosted rock crystal, cherry quartz, rose quartz and white new jade. The chain is a very delicate vintage brass chain.

The rose gold works well with the gingerbread patina of the swallows, filigree and brass chain.

Here are some of the beads and a swallow in detail:

This is the swallow on the other side in even more detail:

The centre piece with the gorgeous cherry quartz beads and a little dangle.

The handmade clasp and another little dangle hanging from the clasp to mirror the one at the front.

Here's the finally complete set, ready to go on Etsy.

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