Friday, August 29, 2008

Felted Magic Flowers

I am so proud of this set as it is my first attempt at felting. :-)

The rope was wet felted - by sprinkling strands of roving in green and pink and pink silk strands with soapy water and rolling it in a sheet of bubble wrap.

The flowers are similar to those in my silk flower garlands as they've also been made from silk rods. However, I didn't use any cocoons this time but needle felted a green flower shape for the silk petals to sit on. The beads in the centre are carved mother of pearl three-petal flowers and creamy white glass pearls.

The necklace is a lariat design with a loop half hidden by the flower and two of the leaves feeding through the loop. The other leaf hangs separately.

The leaves were made with the needle felting method by laying out strands of roving in green and pink and stabbing it with felting needles to get the fibers to felt together. I added detail with two different greens and the rows of pale green seed beads.

The length of the bracelet is fixed and it slips over the hand and onto the wrist in the same way as a bangle. I have used fabric stiffener to ensure that it stays in shape nicely.

Below you can see the bracelet on my arm. It looks so pretty and delicate and it's lovely to wear because it so soft and light.

The flower on the bracelet and two of the leaves in detail:

A detail shot of the flower itself.
This set will be part of my new wedding collection. I think it would work really well with a traditional white, or pink wedding gown or even a deep dark red, a brown or a green one. Apparently, white is not necessarily the colour of choice for a wedding anymore. The set is organic and very, very delicate and pretty, although it's not fragile as I've made sure that everything is sewn on properly and that it is sturdy enough to withstand the trials of a wedding day.

It would also look great with a prom or ball gown or at that special dinner.


  1. Wow, that has turned out well! I love how natural it all looks, and the colours are beautiful together. Definitely worth all the work!

  2. Very nice my Capitaine!!

    I wouldn't have the bloomin' patience for doing stuff like this!

  3. These are beautiful- i can jsut imagine a flock of bridesmaids wearing them .

    Headdresses or decorated hairslides /combs in a similar style would work well.


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