Thursday, August 07, 2008

Yellow-Mellow Flower Garland

This was a story and a half! It was meant to be a pink rose garland!

The vine necklace part was ready, I'd made some lovely flower centres from pink variegated cotton and was about to assemble the flowers when I realised, no pink silk rods! I thought I'd bought pink ones, and then realised what had looked pink on the screen had been a sort of coral/tangerine orange.

Never mind, pink roses became yellow-mellow sunshine flowers. :-)

Problem was, I had to change the centres. I could have crocheted some more in a deep golden brown, but then decided that I might as well use the natural cocoons. Works well I think. See the pictures below:

This is the shortest of the three garlands I've made so far. It works really well as the flowers are closer together and it has a lovely luscious organic feel to it. The methods used are as before with the green silky cord and detail added with a green wool covered steel yarn. The beads in the centre are little plastic moulded transparent flower cups, golden coloured shimmery glass beads and buttermilk opaque seed beads.

The cocoons are a matching orange.

The clasp is a simple toggle design where the bead slips through a hole in a leaf shape. The bead is porcelain with a butterfly design on it.

This garland will be available together with the blue and yellow one in my Etsy shop (hopefully later today). The gothic one will be available as a custom order. I have many more colours in the silk (just no pink!), the cocoons and the silky cord so you can choose your favourite colours.


  1. Ooh, luscious colours!! Never mind about not having pink, this works really well, very sunny!

  2. I agree (yet again!) with Caroline, I think these colours work really well.


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