Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dragonfly Flying Over a Pond Necklace

This is my baby sister's birthday present. It's her birthday on Saturday and I still have to send this... So don't go telling her!

She loves blues, especially turquoise.

A while back, when she came visiting she wanted me to show her how I do my jewellery and make some with me with the idea of making some herself. However, she found it all took far too long and was far more difficult than it looked. LOL Just as well I think it's fun. :-) We made a bracelet in blues together and the necklace should hopefully match it.

The necklace started off with the blue and turquoise beads. I wanted to make a versatile necklace so I made it long and added the vintage Art Nouveau dragonfly, this is a very rare silver plated one as most of the vintage ones are brass. The clasp is right next to it so it's easy to open when doubled up.

This shows what the necklace will look like doubled up. Unlike the Safari necklace this one has no order to it, but the beads are randomly strung.

All the beads are glass, there is everything from size 6 seed beads to Miyuki cubes to lustered beads to Indian lampwork beads to catseye beads and many more.

Here I've pushed the beads together in a little nest to show why and how I came up with the name. :-)

Here you can see the design of the dragonfly and the clasp right next to it.

Another close-up of the lovely detail on the dragonfly.


  1. This is so pretty - I love to mix similar colour beads in a chain, it always looks good. I'm sure your sister will love it.

  2. Lovely , lovely pond skimming dragonfly


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