Thursday, August 21, 2008

Panda and Koala Necklaces

I had a nice commission to make one of my Panda necklaces. I had run out of the panda pendants and whilst ordering another one, I found a little cute koala, so made a necklace out of that, too. :-)

They're both nice simple little necklaces with silky rat tail cords, glass beads, and in the case of the koala necklace some wooden beads as well.

Panda Necklace

This was made with Japanese Miyuki and Toho beads and some black Indian round glass beads and very dark red melon beads.

Koala Necklace

This was made with lovely wooden and green lustre and Japanese large seed beads. The leaf at the end of the dangle is glass, too.

The Koala necklace will go in my Etsy shop today. These necklaces perfect for every day and kids love them too. I have many other pendants available - like a cute little yellow duck, a fox, a black cat, a shark and a whale. If you'd like to order one, they're £5 each plus P&P (dependent on where you are).

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  1. Such cute little animal beads! Lovely necklaces too.


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