Saturday, September 16, 2006

Vintage - Blackberry

This week I've been indulging my love of vintage beads. I wanted to make one set purely with vintage beads. A while back I bought three jet black faceted necklaces. None of the three was in very good repair and they all would have had to be restrung. With a little help of my son I broke them apart and have used a few here and there, but this week I finally made a set just with those beads. I've used the black beads (different sizes) and the seed beads that had formed part of one of the original necklaces and antiqued (but modern) copper findings - bead caps, chain, spacers, etc.

Below is the necklace and the earrings. Both are fairly simple, unfortunately I didn't manage to quite capture the beautiful faceted shimmer of the beads.

Below are the earrings and the centre of the necklace in more detail.
The bracelet below was the first part of the set and because it is so voluptuous and luscious, I decided to make the necklace and earring much simpler. The bracelet is strung on stretchy elastic but it is large enough to easily slip over the wrist which makes it much safer and it's also much more comfortable to wear. It looks stunning when it's worn and it's MINE, MINE, MINE! :-)

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  1. The black looks good with the antique copper colour. Nice work!


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