Saturday, September 09, 2006


I've been rather tired the last few days so instead of making something big, I just made earrings. For some reason my hands always need to do something. At school I used to get told off for doodling, but for me it was the best way to concentrate. I still feel the same way, so I have to do something and these days it's usually jewellery...

Here are the earrings I made.

I rather like these. They're made with blackplated findings mostly, I used some antique silverplated bead caps, with a Swarovski bezel connector (the little round thingy with the two loops at either end and a aquamarine Swarovski in the centre), and some vintage crystal drops (bottom) and teardrop shaped beads (top), and finally a beautiful canataloupe Swarovski bead in the centre (above the bezel connector). The picture really doesn't do it justice. There's no yellow in the crystal but the camera insisted there should be...

Yesterday, I showed these to my friend and promptly dropped one in my tea. It appears I was so excited about them my hands were shaking! ;-) After that I had to keep them. Obviously. :-)

Here's the next pair, these are to go with the Winter Sea bracelet I posted a couple of days ago.

These are so lovely. I've used a little copper connector between the earwire and the shells and it looks gorgeous. For the earrings I've only attached an amethyst chip (the bracelet has new jade and turquoise chips as well) because I wanted them to be light and elegant. I've even restrained myself with the Magatama drops.... :-)

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