Saturday, September 16, 2006

Evening Sky

I recently bought some lovely deep blue shells which I've used to make lovely braclets and earrings, however I wanted to use them in a different way and make something really special and unusual. The necklace below uses shells in different shades: pale teal blue, grey, purple and deep blue. I've also used vintage beads in blue and purple and many semi-precious gemstones and chips, and of course Swarovski beads to really make it sparkle. I've used fluorite, jade in different shades, lace agate, amethyst, purple agate, rose quartz, lapis and plum coloured stone.

Rather than threading the beads or just sliding them on eye pins and connecting the pins, I've created little "bunches" of beads and shells which I connected together using either an oval or twisted round jump ring. I then connected the bunches using connectors - swirly, twisted and straight. All the findings are a bright silver which works very well with the blues and purples. The centre piece is a blistered deep puple shell pendant and I've also added a feather charm and a curved silver plated tube to add more interest to the necklace.

The close-up shows how intricate the necklace is and the beauty of each and everyone of the beads/shells/gemstones I selected. I am really pleased with the necklace and think it's one of the most special and unusual I've made.

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  1. Hello again, you have done so much work! this necklace is pretty, you have a great eye for colour. I like the way you have used jump rings etc to link the bunches of beads together, it makes it interesting to look at, more unusual than just on chain.
    Lovely work as usual!


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